Universal pipe systems and powerful solar heating systems from Germany

It's very difficult for anyone to put one over on us on the subject of plastic pipes. This is confirmed again and again by positive feedback from more than 5000 plumbers and specialist retail partners. Yet the above-average quality of PRINETO pipes and LATENTO solar systems is merely the result of our distinct pioneering spirit. We simply love working on improving solutions and trying to improve existing products and systems.


The enjoyment and enthusiasm for innovation can be felt as soon as you enter our company headquarters in Rohr near Nuremberg: There is a relaxed yet highly concentrated, professional atmosphere, and you will see a lot of happy faces. This combination has proved itself to be the perfect breeding ground for excellent innovation - which is impressively underlined by the more than 30 patents and utility models that have been developed by our engineering team since the company was founded in 1994.


With our closeness to customers and service culture that are now also integrated in processing corresponding to ISO 9001, we are well prepared for client´s demands in the future.

"IVT's recipe for success? All our employees are united by the ancient urge to improve and optimise products or processes. Quite often, this spirit of discovery which we find fascinating in children gets lost as we get older. We have retained it."

Dipl.-Kfm. Christoph Hennig, former Managing Director of IVT GmbH & Co. KG  


We produce our tubes and storage tanks in Germany because on the one hand we are convinced that the products are better, but also because this allows us to react, carry out tests and get started quickly whenever our developers come up with a new promising idea.


Do you think enjoying work so much could be catching? Would you like to be this motivated at work in future? We are always looking for passionate engineers, motivated sales specialists or committed trainees. You will find more information about job opportunities, careers and vacant posts in the Career section. We look forward to receiving your application!







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