How to reach us:

Our company is located in D-91189 Rohr, south of Nuremberg close to the B 14 in direction to Ansbach. In Buchschwabach please turn towards Rohr (1 km).

Approach from West via A6:

Leave "Autobahn A6" at exit Nr. 54 "Neuendettelsau" > drive towards Heilsbronn up to B 14 > at B 14 towards Nuremberg up to Buchschwabach > in Buchschwabach turn right towards Rohr (Rohrer Straße) and leave Buchschwabach > after 1 km turn right

Approach from East via A6:

Leave "Autobahn A6" at exit Nr. 55 "Schwabach West" > drive on B 466 towards Schwabach > at the first traffic-lights (OMV-gas station) turn left towards Ansbach (Steinmarckstraße) and stay straight > at the next crossroad (traffic lights) turn left towards Rohr (Reichenbacher Straße) > stay straight and leave Schwabach on "Staatsstraße 2239" (Markgrafenstraße) > straight for approx. 10 km up to Rohr > in Rohr turn right towards Buchschwabach > leave Rohr (up the hill) und turn left into "Gewerbegebiet"



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IVT GmbH & Co. KG

Gewerbering Nord 5

D - 91189 Rohr

Tel. : +49 (0) 9876 / 9786-0

Fax: +49 (0) 9876 / 9786-90