Packaging for foodstuff no. 1

Drinking water is generally accepted as the most important foodstuff. Which makes packaging all the more crucial. Quite often, the quality of the drinking water installation is decisive in terms of hygiene and cleanness of the water that comes out of the tap.

All PRINETO fittings for drinking water installation comply with the guidelines of the German Drinking Water Directive (TrinkwV) which has been in force since the end of 2013 and are unproblematic in terms of Hygiene.



100% lead-free

Fitting program, made of Cuphin, has been rounded off up to Dimension 32 with immediate 100% availability. Due to the special characters of Cuphin (complete lead-free, dezincification-resistant and tension-crackcorrosion resistant), two main causes (dezincification & tension-crack-corrosion) of joint damage can be avoided from onset, even when the drinking water composition is corrosive.

The high-performance material Cuphin specially developed for drinking water installations is suitable for all waters which comply with the German Drinking Water Directive. Cuphin is free of lead, nickel and other problematic substances. In addition, the copper surface helps to prevent bacteria and other dangerous germs spreading.


A cost-effective alternative.


Our new standard fittings, made of high-quality PPSU plastic (black colour) comply with the requirements of the current Drinking Water Directive (TrinkwV) in connection with DIN 50930-6, thus guaranteeing safe, healthy and hygienic drinking water pipes on a life-long basis. They are also extremely resilient and do not corrode – ideal for use in areas with particularly aggressive drinking water.

Another plus: The cost effectiveness (inexpensive and lightweight – for easy handling) makes our new PPSU fittings a real alternative, particularly in contract business. All PRINETO PPSU fittings can be processed with the standard PRINETO tool and PRINETO sliding sleeves and can be safely combined with all metallic PRINETO fittings.








  •  Standard Fitting programm 14-63mm upgraded with tinn-plated CW 617N (Color: Silver)
  •  Fitting-program of the highend polymer material PPSU 16-32mm (Color: Black)
  •  Enhancement of Cuphin Fitting program, up to dimension 32, meets the requirements of 100% lead-free (Color:Gold)
  •  All fittings for drinking water installation comply with the coming Drinking Water Directive on the basis of DIN 50930-6.