Flexible. Variable. Practical.


Use the many possibilities offered by the PRINETO radiator connection system and design the connection in a technically competent and visually attractive way. No matter whether you are renovating an existing heating system or planning new installations in old or new buildings, no matter whether you prefer working with connection pipes out of the blank floor or prefer our practical skirting board installation: with the PRINETO system you always have the matching fittings on hand. The outstanding features of our PRINETO heating installation system are its great flexibility and variable connection possibilities. The EVOH-jacketed PRINETO heating pipes (red), bendable PRINETO Nanoflex universal pipes (stainless steel colour) and PRINETO Stabil multilayered pipes (white) can be used.






  •  Special fittings for the radiator connection
  •  Optical perfection – all visible parts are nickel-plated
  •  Practical skirting board system for renovation works
  •  Laying is possible directly from the heating boiler to the radiator
  •  Max. connection power 142 KW (at a spread of 15 K and 200 Pa/m) – thus also suitable for large buildings and industrial use
  •  Completely insulated crossing-tee pieces
  •  Connection of all radiator types possible between 10 and 33
  •  No tap-block / no curved connections required