Modular. Convenient. Safe.



Wet or dry-laying, tacker system, knobbed board or fixing rail – our modular PRINETO surface heating system allows any of these to be used. It is the optimum supplement to our heating system. For  aximum comfort and safety, be it new construction, restoration or industrial- and commercial surface heating and cooling.





Besides the PE-X HD(cross-linked polyethylene, high density) pipes, as alternative, we also offer you the PE-X MD pipes(cross-linked polyethylene, middle density) which is more comfortable for handling. As far as the flexibility and low-cost concerned, the new PE-X MD pipes and Multilayer composite pipe Stabil 16 x 2,0 leave nothing to be desired.



PRINETO room temperature controllers combine user-friendly handling with sophisticated technology – for an optimized user benefit. NEW: PRINETO room temperature control WEB.



Features PRINETO Surface Heating & cooling:

  •  For wet and dry-laying
  •  Laying can be completed without tools
  •  Unique: self-adhesive PRINETO tacker foil
  •  PRINETO Nanoflex surface heating pipes: completely oxygen-tight
  •  PRINETO thin-bed underfloor heating for a particularly low installed height from 22 mm
  •  PRINETO system fixing for reliable connection to the distributor
  •  Control technology for surface heating and
  • cooling





Overview of the different PRINETO systems:

PRINETO Tacker system (Self-adhesive)

Ideal for laying pipes with as little waste as possible in all rooms


PRINETO Fixing rail (Self-adhesive)

Ideal for larger rooms, industrial and outdoor areas




PRINETO Knobbed board

Ideal for particularly fast and clean laying



PRINETO Dry-laying system with groove and reversible elements

Ideal for lightweight constructions and prefabricated housing