New: For fast and practical laying by one Person

The PRINETO Velcro surface heating system stands out on account of its especially easy and quick Installation: The PRINETO Velcro surface heating pipe has Velcro strip wound spirally around it so that it can be laid in no time on the specially laminated PRINETO Velcro insulation board. The flexible pipe is simply unrolled as usually and laid on the Velcro system roll without the use of tools. The Velcro strip on the pipe engages automatically with the backing foil on the insulation board and provides an optimum and secure hold.


A 5/10 cm laying grid printed onto the backing foil of the Velcro system roll is used as an orientation aid. The PRINETO Velcro surface heating pipe is unrolled with the aid of the PRINETO pipe reel carrier and fixed in place easily by foot on the insulation at the pre-calculated spacing pattern – going easy on the fitter’s back and without any special laying or fixing tools being necessary. Corrections can always be carried out easily.


Thanks to the water-impermeable Velcro backing foil and its self-adhesive foil overlap, the PRINETO Velcro System is suitable both for cement screed and wet-laid screed.



Roll out the Velcro system roll and fit it in the room



Use the doorway pipe guide to lay the Velcro surface heating pipe from outside the room (optional)


Fix the edge insulation strip to the Velcro system roll using the adhesive strip (or adhesive tape at the ends)


Apply slight pressure to fix the Velcro surface heating pipe to the insulation

Use the adhesive strip to connect the Velcro system rolls at the foil overlap at the sides



For the manifold connection or pipe connections, unwind about 5 cm Velcro tape at the end of the heating pipe and cut this off using a sharp blade


The PRINETO Velcro surface heating system at a glance:


  • Fast and simple laying – without any tools being necessary
  • Installation time reduced by up to 30 % thanks to direct bonding of the insulation boards and convenient pipe fixing
  • Efficiency increased by up to 50 % through one-man laying
  • Ultra-flexible self-cross-linking surface heating pipe – ideal even for rooms with nooks and crannies


Broshure with article list (PDF)