The system behind the perfect Connection


With the PRINETO wireless RTC WEB, IVT is presenting a new, universal individual room control system with complete equipment for heating and cooling applications. Even the basic version of the system fulfils all the requirements for perfect user convenience.


 Numerous inputs and outputs as well as measuring, control and regulation functions guarantee optimum, energy-efficient interaction with external devices and systems. The main area of application for the System is single and multiple family homes, functional and administration buildings as well as hotels and schools with central management requirements.




PRINETO RTC WEB Digital room console


  •  Low-profile, high-quality design
  •  Extensive family of devices for different applications
  •  User-friendly, intuitive operation
  •  Wireless or BUS operation




  •  230 V, choice of 4 or 8 zones with Ethernet
  •  Wireless or BUS operation
  •  All-in-one solutions for all applications
  •  Straightforward installation


PRINETO actuator


  •  230 V in normally closed (NC)
  •  Only 1 Watt power consumption
  •  100% waterproof with 360° mounting position
  •  Tried-and-trusted adaptation system for 99% of all valves





Modern architecture demands control elements that can be integrated harmoniously in present and future interior design. A timeless, classic design that promises quality and offers users simple, intuitive operation at the same time has been achieved with the room consoles of the RTC WEB.


The room consoles make both individual parameters for each heating zone and global functions and settings available to users in the twinkling of an eye. They can access convenience functions such as holiday, party and absence separately and thus influence the control workflow as required.


The base station is integrated in the home network via the optional Ethernet interface. The software interface of the EZR Manager permits convenient access to all system settings and functions via PC, laptop or smartphone with the system in service – making room-by-room operation, programming, set-up and status monitoring child’s play. The generic smartphone application saved in the web server of the Ethernet versions also permits mobile access to convenience settings such as holiday or party function.


The use of high-quality materials and technologies guarantees long-term satisfaction with the system.


More information in our Broshure (PDF) download.






Functions and settings for users such as


  •  Day, automatic, absence, ECO mode (night status), party function, holiday function with date specification
  •  4 pre-set lifestyle time programs
  •  Setting range for target room temperature can be limited
  •  Date and time with automatic summer / winter time switchover
  •  Information about low battery level
  •  Controller switch-off (frost protection activated automatically)
  •  Operating lock for public buildings


Settings for specialist technicians (code-protected) such as


  • Selection of heating type (e.g. control according to 2-point or PI behaviour per heating zone can be  selected)
  • Active switchover of heating / cooling activation
  • Frost protection temperature setting
  • Block heating / cooling
  • Parameters can be set for pump / boiler output
  • Smart Start function


Download of Operation Manuals:



Wireless-RTC room control digital

Wireless-RTC room control analogue

Wireless-RTC room control basis station