PRIPRESS Installation System - Fast. Direct. Safe.

The new PRINETO radial pressing system from IVT stands out on account of its especially easy and quick fitting: Unlike other commercially available systems, no deburring or calibration are necessary when a PRIPRESS pipe Connection is produced, which means time-savings of up to 30% are possible during laying.


Simply cut the pipe to length, insert it in the connector, check and press – done! If pressing should be forgotten, you will recognise this reliably during the pressure test since the connection is not watertight when not pressed. This ensures optimum safety during installation. The PRIPRESS connection can be processed using many standard pressing tools (contours TH, H, U*). There is usually no need to purchase new tools. The PRIPRESS fitting is made of a brass alloy with a positive Evaluation from the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The PRIPRESS universal composite pipe and the Connection have been tested and approved in accordance with DVGW/ÖVGW.



Overview of the characteristics:

  • Pressing with standard pressing jaws (contours TH, H, U*)
  • Not watertight when not pressed
  • No calibration and deburring necessary
  • Viewing window in the pressing sleeve for checking – marking of the insertion depth not necessary
  • Protected internal O-rings
  • Universal system for heating and sanitary installations
  • Composite pipes PE-RT/AL/PE-RT 16 x 2.0 to 32 x 3.0
  • Brass alloy approved by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
  • DVGW / ÖVGW approved


*Dimension 16 and 20 


PRIPRESS broshure (PDF)