The form of energy recuperation that goes easy on resources

All-year solar system


The highly efficient LATENTO solar system converts free solar energy into hot drinking water and supplements your heating system at the same time – even in the transitional months, when there is little sunshine or even in frosty conditions.


Find out why the LATENTO stratified storage tank has been awarded the "Blue Angel" badge of environmental excellence, the LATENTO CPC tube collectors can "capture" up to 5x more solar energy on cloudy winter days than conventional flat collectors, or why the very name "LATENTO" stands for an efficiency-increasing trick on our solar system.


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Capturing the heat

Plastic storage solutions XW/XP


Store energy that otherwise "disappears without a trace"! Our unpressurised LATENTO storage tanks, either the LATENTO XW hot water storage tank or the LATENTO XP buffer storage tank, are extremely easy to handle and are delivered ready to install. Both have a highly insulating plastic sheath made of two polypropylene layers which surround a polyurethane core. Latent material on the inside of the storage tank buffers even more heat. You save heating and hot water costs and reduce the strain on the environment at the same time. Top-level energy efficiency.


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As easy to use as a smartphone ...

LATENTO solar controller


It’s good when efficient solar systems can be controlled efficiently too. This is no problem whatsoever with the simple LATENTO solar controllers. System controller, temperature difference control or pump group with integrated solar control – LATENTO solar controllers offer everything a thermal solar system needs for safe and long-term system operation. And the best thing about it is that the intuitive menu navigation makes operation “child’s play”. 

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LATENTO product video

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