Free solar heat – all year round.


Regenerative, climate-friendly and free of charge: There is no question about it that the sun is one of energy sources for the future. No matter for hot water preparation, living room heating or for preheating of swimming pool, solar energy always plays an important role. It is most important that the fossil fuels will be replaced by solar energy not only in summer but also in transition season and during winter days when there is less sun shine. LATENTO all-year-round solar system sets the new standard in using solar energy. LATENTO system distinguishes itself through its high output of solar energy and low heat loss also in transition season and winter which presents the highest efficiency by maximum using sun energy throughout the whole year.



Four characteristics which make all the difference



A stable stratification of the temperatures of the stored water ensures with exclusive utilisation as back-up heating, that the temperature in the domestic hot water region – or the upper storage area – is maintained. The output for domestic hot water heating is additionally available all the time.

Diagram: When operating as back-up heating (tapping via exchanger in the middle area), the temperature for hot water (DHW) is maintained!

Diagram: The solar area still stays cool even during back-up heating/loading, so that solar yield is still possible!








The LATENTO plastic storage tank is manufactured completely of insulating material (PP/PUR/PP). Conventional steel storage tanks by contrast have to be insulated additionally. Apart from this, the LATENTO has no side and bottom connections, which also lead to heat losses (heat bridges in conventional steel storage tanks). The temperature losses of 0.1 K/h are commensurately low, corresponding to a thermal power loss of 63 W. For comparison: the best steel storage tank tested by the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest 03/2009 demonstrated a heating power loss of 130 W. This difference in heat loss can correspond to a complete day‘s solar yield in winter (40 l hot water).






With tapping capacity of 247 l (65 °C storage temperature, without re-heating), a continuous rating of 1220/l/h, a storage capacity of max. 54 kWh and nominal power rating of NL 7,3, the LATENTO XXL guarantees a high level of comfort and is ready to use quickly. On a sunny day, it can be ready to provide ample water for a shower after only 30 minutes‘ loading. To warm up the contents of a much larger storage tank to a usable temperature demands substantially more solar energy, and this just isn‘t always available.




On account of its dimensions of only 78 x 78 x 158 cm (standing area 0.64 m2, diagonal measurement 1.76 cm), the LATENTO is ideal for refurbishing old buildings and for installation in small spaces. Thanks to this compactness and the integral carrying handles, the LATENTO is no problem for transport and negotiates all standard sizes of doors.


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