Plastic storage tank solutions XW/XP

No matter how environmentally friendly and sustainable the energy recuperation methods of solar systems, pellet heating or heat pumps are, there is always room for optimisation, because quite often, these energy sources produce more energy than they use, the rest is radiated uselessly and "disappears without a trace". Which is a shame and inefficient, too. With our highly insulating storage tank solutions, you can use this energy even several days after it is has been supplied. How does this work?


Energy is added via powerful heat exchangers, the stored water heats up and latent material in the upper section of the storage tank buffers additional heat. Thanks to the highly insulating plastic material of the storage tank, the temperature remains almost constant for days, temperature loss is only 0.1 K/h or 2.4 °C/day.


You have a choice between the LATENTO XW hot water storage tank with two heat exchangers and the LATENTO XP buffer storage tank with a long-wave corrugated stainless steel heat exchanger for charging and dissipation. Both can be "charged" using a range of different heat sources and can store up to 47 kWh energy (LATENTO XP 500).




The advantages of all LATENTO storage tanks:


  • Compact, light and handy
  • Completely ready for connection
  • Corrosion-proof and maintenance-free
  • Easy to install since the connections are designed to be near the wall
  • Increased output thanks to latent material ("storage turbo")
  • Heat exchanger made of long-wave corrugated stainless steel tube for improved heat yield
  • Legionellae and bacteria have no chance thanks to fresh water and continuous-flow heater principle
  • Digital temperature and filling level display
  • Attractive design


Product information LATENTO 500

LATENTO storage XW

LATENTO storage XP