As simple as a smart phone: the new LATENTO solar controllers

Whether you would like to inquire the measuring value or to reset the system, thanks to its intuitive and multilingual user Interface of the new LATENTO solar controllers it is no more an issue.


The new LATENTO solar controllers are easy to handle and providing various functions, for example, to regulate the whole heating system, to control individual temperature-difference or to control pump station with integrated solar regulator. This guarantees the high efficiency, the stability and long-life of a solar thermal system.




Solarregelung S: Small“ Temperature-Difference-Controller for simple solar Systems., Art.-No. 878 700 180
Solarregelung L: „Large“ Temperature-Difference-Controller for complex solar Systems., Art.-No. 878 700 181
System controller: The system controller for flexible Regulation of complex heating systems and different back-up heaters, Art.-No. 878 700 182


Important features:


  • Presentation of graphic and text with illuminated display

  • Up to 36 basic system applications and 11 preprogrammed IVT hydraulic diagrams. (system Controller)

  • Self-explanatory operating instruction via 4 entry keys

  • Analysis and monitoring of the functions
  • Extensive set-up menus with Explanation

  • Activatable menu block against unintentional adjustment

  • Reset function to manufacturer settings



Technical Data

Solar controller S Solar controller L System controller
Sensor inputs Pt1000 3 6 8
Relay Outputs 230 V 1 3 7
Speed-Controller of Standard pump 1 2 2
Outputs 0…10 V oder PWM-Signal 1 2 2
Number of applications 9 36 + 13
Number of IVT hydraulic diagram 0 0 11
simple heat metering Yes Yes Yes
Flow based heat metering (VFS) N0 0–2 2
Pressure Monitoring (RPS Sensor) No 0–2 2
Time and temperature-controlled thermostat function Yes Yes Yes
Battery-backed Timer RTC Yes Yes Yes
Commissioning assistance Yes Yes Yes
Data storage with statistics and graphic analysis Yes Yes Yes
Error memory and analysis with date and time Ja Ja Ja
Ethernet connection No Yes (via Data Logger) Yes (via Data Logger)



Installation and operating instructions