NEW: fully automatic actuator EGO

Save yourself the time for hydraulic balancing!

[Translate to Englisch:] Regelantrieb EGO

Fully automatic hydraulic balancing of panel heating systems with the EGO modulating actuator

The PRINETO modulating actuator EGO is an intelligent autonomous electrothermal actuator 230 V NC for automatic and demand-based hydraulic balancing of the heating circuits of a heating circuit manifold in panel heating systems with individual room control and panel heating pipes with an outer diameter of 12 to 20 mm. NEW:Heating & Cooling function.


Intelligent and economical: IVT EGO

Properties modulating actuator EGO

PRINETO surface heating systems with EGO variable speed drive

  • fully automatic balancing of heating circuits
  • new: heating and cooling function
  • equal heat distribution
  • no additional components such as router, gateway, pp-control etc. necessary
  • reduced time required for commissioning
  • EGO replaces all conventional actuators
  • efficient flow rate as required
  • energy savings through efficient system operation
  • eligible for BAFA and KfW subsidies
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