IVT green-linked

For the love of the environment

ÖKO-FLEX surface heating pipe green-linked

Our PRINETO ÖKO-FLEX surface heating pipe made of self-crosslinking polyethylene PE-HDS in accordance with DIN 16892 enables energy savings of approx. 35 % during production (compared to ready crosslinked pipes). Greatest care in the production process as well as a specially adjusted raw material also ensure excellent processing properties.
The PE-HDS pipe corresponds to application class 4 for surface heating systems in accordance with DIN 4726, has an EVOH sheathing and is therefore oxygen-tight.


Coupling instead of throwing away - good the environment and wallet

Our permanently fixed and especially safe sliding sleeve connection allows the
standard-compliant connection of surface heating pipes with our PRINETO couplers.
Free of O-rings and secure. This allows valuable remnants to be processed and
avoids waste.


No plastic packaging

We deliberately neither use any plasticcaps for heating pipes nor PEpackaging
for our pipe rods to reduce plastic waste.

IVT green-linked - Flyer (PDF)

ÖAKR certificate for CO2 savings

Since 2018 we have been a member of the Austrian Working Group Plastic Pipe Recycling (ÖAKR). Every year we therefore contribute to the reduction of Co2 and make an effective contribution to climate

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