All our plumbing and heating pipes – be it flexible PE-X, Nanoflex pipes or flexural resistant PE-X pipes with aluminium sheath – are made of cross-linked polyethylene. The advantage? Our pipes are significantly more resistant to the pressures and temperatures that prevail in the day-today operation of a drinking water or heating system than noncross-linked materials such as PE-RT – benefitting your safety, your comfort and your budget.



  • Exclusively of cross-linked polyethylene
  • High resistance to corrosion, pressure and high temperatures
  • Flexible and rigid pipes can both be worked with the same type of fittings
  • Highly flexible Nanoflex pipe: The first completely oxygen-tight PE-X pipe in the world, protected by patent, very easily worked
  • Symmetrical sliding sleeves – can be pushed onto both sides
  • Pipes and sliding sleeves connecting technology up to 63 mm outside diameter
  • By ISO 21003 und 15875
  • DIN tested and approved by accredited European testing agencies


Surface Heating & Cooling

Surface Heating & Cooling

Modular. Convenient. Safe.

100% Lead-free

100% Lead-free

PRINETO fittings made of Cuphin and PPSU.

Fire Protection

No fire through wall and celling.

Sliding Sleeve Connection

Quickly installed, safe and easy to install - video

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