PRINETO Dry Laying System

PRINETO dry underfloor heating systems are used whenever wet systems are not suitable. They are quick and easy to install in any weather and, thanks to their lightweight design and low installed heights, are perfect for use in wooden joist ceilings, e.g. for prefabricated buildings and refurbishment. PRINETO dry underfloor heating systems also impress with their high pressure resistance and laying that requires little cutting.



  • The system elements (30/55 mm) are insulation, heat manifold and pipe fastener all in one – laying in one work step
  • Snake-like laying with defined distances between the pipes of 12 or 24 cm
  • Quick and easy installation not dependent on the weather
  • Very well suited for wooden joist ceilings due to low system weight
  • No moisture brought into in the building
  • Reduction of construction time compared to wet-laying systems, as there is no drying time
  • Laying of upper floor covering possible shortly after dry screed laying
  • Very pressure-resistant floor (depending on dry screed, approx. 3 kN/m2)
  • Very low installed height compared to wet systems
  • Laying of heat insulation and heat conducting elements in one work step
  • Little cutting loss when laying system elements (3%)

Here's how it's done!


Start laying in a corner of the room with a PRINETO U-turn element. 2.


Connect the PRINETO grooved elements in a corner.


Doorway with PRINETO levelling element.


PRINETO heat-cutter to prepare individual pipe grooves.


Lay the PRINETO multilayer composite pipe


Adhere the dry screed elements with PRINETO special adhesive

Pay attention to the assembly instructions in our technical documentation!



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Surface Heating & Cooling

Surface Heating & Cooling

Modular. Convenient. Safe.

100% Lead-free

100% Lead-free

PRINETO fittings made of Cuphin and PPSU.

Thin-Bed Underfloor Heating

Thin-Bed Underfloor Heating

Feel goof climate from 22mm overall height.

Room Temperature Controller Web

Room Temperature Controller Web

Control with system.

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