PRINETO Industrial Surface Heating

Our solution for industrial floor heating systems and thermal component activation are the inter-connected, highly-flexible PRINETO surface heating pipes with a dimension of 20 x 2.0 mm and 25 x 2.3 mm. Special, large-scale 2-inch stainless steel manifolds, with optional control valves or flow metres, ensure the distribution of the heating and cooling circuits. Original PRINETO special tools and accessories enable fast and compliant installation.



  • Inter-connected 20 and 25 mm pipes in line with DIN 16894 and DIN 4724
  • Large-scale manifold or pipe distributor and fittings by Tichelmann
  • PRINETO connection of pipes in concrete
  • Advice and planning support
  • 24h delivery service nationwide
  • No rigid registers required
  • Easy and gentle laying with a special tool


  • Suitable for heating industrial halls using buried concrete slabs
  • Same advantages as underfloor heating with low flow temperature
  • Suitable for continuous heat supply
  • The pipe is surrounded by concrete, which permits good heat transmission
  • Laying spacing and laying type can be freely selected
  • Pipe cover can be freely selected
  • Heating pipes are oxygen diffusion-tight thanks to an EVOH layer in accordance with DIN 4726

Assembly and installation

Manifold connection

Manifold connection

Lay the heating circuit and fasten the pipes

Lay the heating circuit and fasten the pipes

Connect the pipe ends

Connect the pipe ends

Pay attention to the assembly instructions in our technical documentation!


More information about planning and installing of your drinking hot water and heating installation

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Service & Downloads

IVT Tools und Services for a successful realisation of your procect.

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Application video battery wire tying device

Further application video for larger pipe dimensions can be found on our YouTube-channel.



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