IVT support for your warehouse, your construction site and on the go

Did you know that when you purchase small parts, only 20% of the costs are for the products? The remaining 80% are purely procurement costs for inventory management, ordering, storage and dispatch. This is where you can save money, provided that you optimise your procurement process. And that's where we support you!


The IVT Earnings Lever

  • Optimum use of your storage area
  • Perfect overview and inventory control
  • Quick access
  • Reliable inventory management
  • Replenishment and procurement by our specialist field consultants
  • Option of prefinancing your stock (consignment stock)

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The IVT Solutions

IVT Fittings Case

Our practicalorganiser for on the go means that you always have the standard IVT range at hand – tidy and well-sorted.

At a glance

  • Mobile storage for on the go
  • Individually fitted compartments
  • Practical and flexible
  • Durable and suitable for construction sites
  • Order and swift location of your fittings
  • Saves time and long trips

Your benefit

No more searching, no long distances, no time-consuming trips to the next wholesaler or your warehouse. That saves both time and costs!

IVT Fittings Rack

Warehousing made easy! You provide the space, we do the rest. From the planning and delivery through to the setup of the rack system, the labelling of the storage spaces and the sorting of the goods according to your preferences. Your IVT customer adviser would be happy to check the stock during every visit and deal with the replenishment, service and maintenance.

At a glance

  • One location for all PRINETO items
  • Reliable minimum stock of all important fittings
  • Security of access thanks to variable compartments and labels with image, description and item number
  • We take over the maintenance, stocking and expansion
  • Fair conditions and no contractual obligation
  • Cost savings thanks to efficiency in storage management

Your benefit

The customised storage and provision of your fittings, brackets and tools – for efficient operation at the construction site.

IVT Construction Site Container Service

Our customised solution for your construction site. We setup the construction site container and fit it with the IVT rack system as well as a minimum number of fittings and raw material. We also take over the stock maintenance for you. Upon request, IVT field service reps will regularly meet you at the construction site and handle all stock replenishment activities.

At a glance

  • Transparency and security for your material stock
  • Fast procurement of material
  • Low material procurement/downtime costs
  • Less labour involved
  • Ensures construction progress
  • Customised size and layout
  • Optimal theft protection

Your benefit

Secure and weather-proof construction site inventory that helps you save on costly and time-consuming procurement processes.

You can get more information on our IVT warehouse management solutions from your Export consultant as well as our Sales Service Team at Tel. 09876/9786-97 or info@ivt-group.com.


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